Company profile

Inecosys, based in Munich and Neuried, is an innovative company that supports its customers in the development and implementation of control and measurement systems from prototype to series production using the RSD development platform. After the prototype has been successfully developed with the modular platform, this structure is automatically transferred to a series board layout. Our innovative development process enables us to implement customer projects faster and more smoothly, saving costs and achieving maximum flexibility through agile approaches and automation.


Inecosys was founded in the late summer of 2014 by three doctoral students of the Technical University of Munich. Initially, the company focused on rapid control prototyping of embedded controllers in the automotive and industrial technology sectors as well as high-quality kitchen appliances. As we were often confronted with the customer’s request to transfer our prototyping systems into a series solution, the new business vision „Rapid Series Development – From Prototype to Series“ has been pursued since 2017 with the aim of drastically reducing development costs and time-to-market. To achieve this, we changed sides from an engineering service provider to a tool provider and therefore know the requirements of both sides.

Inecosys moved from its old headquarters in Neuried to the Munich Technology Centre (MTZ) in 2016. In 2018, the High Tech Gründerfonds invested in the company and the development of an integrated solution from prototype to series for embedded controllers (RSD). Also in 2018, the first functional model of the RSD was developed. Today a team of 12 employees is working intensively on the further development of the RSD platform and the RSD process to cover further customer needs.



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